Quick post just to explain the sudden lack of content…

So people who dropped by Lost/Found in Translation today may have noticed, all the Colorless Tsukuru is gone! Well, the inevitable happened, the copyright police caught me and kindly requested I remove all of it. I’m actually kind of flattered Murakami’s literary reps contacted me. I obviously got a decent amount of attention.

Anyway, I of course took the stuff down immediately. I was planning to stop the Colorless Tsukuru translation soon because I had no intention of translating it all to begin with. A full free English translation would spell legal trouble and potentially harm the market value of the official authorized translation (which Mr. Philip Gabriel is now working on). I have only the greatest respect for Mr. Murakami and his work, and that’s the reason I tried my hand at translating some of his work in the first place. It’s been a fun way to study and I’ll be working on something new soon (something in the public domain this time), though I’m not sure what. If anyone has any suggestions for things they’d like me to try my hand at translating (I’m leaning toward some Natsume Soseki or Kunikida Doppo at the moment), feel free to comment. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading.


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One Response to Quick post just to explain the sudden lack of content…

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    Sorry you had to take it all down, but yeah, it’s cool that you were contacted! As far as suggestions, I am turning up blank.

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