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Opening paragraph (and then some) from “Dokushin” (Bachelor) by Mori Ogai.

“Winter in Kokura is not something one would call winter. A cold wind blows from the sea to the northwest and grazes one edge of Nagato, sending the withered leaves Advertisements

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Hyakunin Isshu No. 9

Hyakuninisshu 009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ono no Komachi`s famous poem from the Hyakunin Isshu \ – How the color has faded from the flowers. As I gaze in reverie at the falling rain,  I find my beauty, too, has fallen … Continue reading

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The Bonfire

*End Notes are located at the bottom of the page. Also please click here if you wish to have a look at the original. Aozora bunko is a great place for Japanese literature that is now in the public domain. 🙂 … Continue reading

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