Edits to previous posts…

Hello all! Just a quick note to inform my wonderful readers that I have done a bit of polishing of some of my previous posts. Looking back I found a few clunky phrases and even some things that were totally wrong with my translations! I haven’t revised all of the content here, but ALL of the Tanikawa Shuntaro poems and “At Least Your Sensibility” by Ibaraki Noriko have been revised to varying degrees, so please have a looked at the (hopefully) improved versions while I work on some new translations!

Thanks as always for reading!


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Dokushin (Full revised version)

Happy New Years my lovely readers! I’m sorry it’s been some time, but I’ve finally made some revisions to Dokushin, so here is the new and improved version! I’ll try to work on something new to post soon! My apologies for the lengthy absence. It has been a busy time for me. Cheers. ~苦栗鼠

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Mori Ogai

Winter in Kokura is not something one would call winter. A cold wind blows from the sea to the northwest and grazes one edge of Nagato Continue reading

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“The Girl Who Goes to the Fire” by Kawabata

 久し振り! Sorry for being gone for so long. I took the 漢字検定 recently, and man did that take a lot of preparation. Let’s hope I passed! Anyway, I’ve been reading some of Kawabata Yasunari’s Palm-of-the-hand Stories (掌の小説) and thought I’d translate one here. If you have any interest in reading more there is an collection of them available in English. I’m also working on some Dazai Osamu which should be ready before long. For the moment I hope you enjoy the (very short) Kawabata I’ve tried my hand at translating!

The Girl Who Goes to the Fire / 「火に行く彼女」

By Kawabata Yasunari

Far away the lake is shining. It is like the color of evening moonlight reflecting off a rank pond in an old untended garden. Continue reading

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At Least Your Sensibility

Hello dear Readers! I’m terribly sorry for the long absence, but I have been very busy with this awful thing called Life. Anyway, a friend of mine recently introduced me to a poem by Ibaraki Noriko (1926-2006) that really stuck in my head. There are a number of English translations online, but I thought I’d try my hand at it. I hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for reading. Comments are welcome!

At Least Your Sensibility

Ibaraki Noriko

Your heart is withering up
but don’t blame that on others.
You yourself neglected to water it. Continue reading

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Alone by Tanikawa Shuntaro


Tanikawa Shuntaro

Listening to “Pavane pour une infante défunte,”
I think it might be better to live my whole life alone
The image of me eating fresh-made buckwheat pancakes
covered with maple syrup floats before my eyes Continue reading

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